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     We are pleased to announce Lipodystrophy Connect (LD Connect), a worldwide Lipodystrophy Patient Registry. You are invited to be a part of this vital research.  Our mission is to bring patients and families together to support one another, and promote research to improve Lipodystrophy (LD) diagnosis and treatment. Some of the most important steps towards finding effective treatments for LD are to uncover ways the different types of LD behave, the symptoms that are commonly seen, how those symptoms progress, if any disabilities result, trends among and between LD subtypes,  and what complications arise.  To accomplish these goals requires the collection of as much information as possible about a large group of Lipodystrophy patients into a single database which is the worldwide Patient Registry.  The more patients who join the registry, the greater the chances that research will produce results that benefit everyone with Lipodystrophy.  
          *  The Patient Registry is supported by Lipodystrophy United
          *  There is no cost to join
          *  Download the LD Connect brochure in English  or  Spanish to help educate your health care providers
     We encourage everyone with Lipodystrophy to register at LD Connect.  You may opt to be contacted about opportunities to participate in clinical research, but the choice to contact the researcher and enter a trial is completely up to you.  LD Connect values and respects the privacy of our patients and their families. The information you report will be de-identified, and your name and identity will not be released. 
     We need to hear YOUR VOICE and we hope you will decide to join LD Connect.  Every individual who registers makes a vital contribution to help all those affected by Lipodystrophy.  For more detailed information about LD Connect and to register, visit the Patient Registry website http://ldconnect.org or click the blue button below.


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June 25, 2015