The extent of fat loss may determine the severity of metabolic complications. Some patients may have only cosmetic problems while others may also have severe metabolic complications.

Physical changes

The exact locations of fat tissue loss varies from person to person. For example, some people with lipodystrophy may have areas on their body that look very thin (face and arms), while other areas might appear large (hips or buttocks). Other people with lipodystrophy might have very little fat tissue on the lower areas of the body (legs and buttocks) and excess fat tissue on the upper areas of the body (abdomen, chin, and neck). Still others might have very little visible fat tissue anywhere on their bodies and may appear extremely muscular.

Internal changes

Because people with lipodystrophy are missing or have very low leptin, fat can be found in unusual places like the bloodstream, heart, kidneys, liver, and pancreas. Since fat is not meant to be in these places, it can lead to serious problems, such as insulin resistance, diabetes, high cholesterol, fatty liver disease, pancreatitis and heart disease.

Increase In Appetite

In CGL, AGL, and FPL, many patients have markedly increased appetites (Hyperphagia – Pages 110 & 114).