12 April 2018

Ian's Story

Hi my name is Ian Erentz and I was diagnosed with atypical familial partial lipodystrophy at age 25 years, as my endocrinologist could not understand why I developed type 2 diabetes being so young and slim. I was officially diagnosed with familial partial lipodystrophy after genetic testing. 

I always knew there was something wrong with me from age 13, as I never looked like others, even family members as I am the only person in my family that suffers from familial partial lipodystrophy. I was unable to gain weight and was very thin and gaunt in the face during my teenage years. Others also noticed my fat wasting and as a result I experienced extreme bullying and judgements about my appearance from a very young age. This lead me to develop body dysmorphic disorder, which had a significant impact upon my life for many years. In recent years I have overcome my body dysmothic disorder and I feel comfortable within my own skin.

Since my diagnoses my lipodystrophy has progressed significantly in terms of metabolic abnormalities, although I have now excepted this condition and with help from others with lipodystrophy I am managing to deal with the complications that have occurred as a consequence of having such a rare disease.

As lipodystrophy is such a rare unheard of condition I am determined to raise awareness and to help others that are having a hard time coming to terms with their diagnoses, as diagnoses is a grieving process.

Talking to others with the same illness made me feel more "normal", not alone and allowed me to come to terms with having a rare disease  and this is why I am passionate about helping others come to terms with their diagnoses.

I am determined to raise as much awareness as possible about lipodystrophy so hopefully others will have early diagnoses and will not suffer the torment and bullying I had to sustain.

I am very lucky to have met such wonderful people and I thank you all for your love and support.


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